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Supporting Interaction with Digital Product Memories

Alexander Kröner; Jens Haupert; José de Gea Fernández; Rainer Steffen; Christian Kleegrewe; Martin Schneider
In: o.A.. SemProM - Foundations of Semantic Product Memories for the Internet of Things. Pages 223-242, ISBN 978-3-642-37376-3, Springer, Berlin - Heidelberg, 5/2013.


On its way along the supply chain, a product may be exposed to physical actors with very different requirements to the interaction with a DPM. For in-stance, while human users may precisely perceive a given productŽs visual shape, they have to rely on a "mediating device"; in order to create and apply content stored in a DPM. In contrast, robots may directly access the data stored in a DPM, but may require specific data in order to get a better "understanding"; of a physical interaction task. Finally, DPMs may have to interact with other DPMs in their sur-rounding, for instance, in order to delegate communication tasks. This article re-views components of the access layer, a part of the SemProM interaction architec-ture, which have been introduced for supporting tasks particularly common to the interaction of humans, robots, and DPMs with DPMs.