The xEBR Ontology: Transforming the XBRL Europe Business Register Taxonomy into an OWL Ontology

Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Thierry Declerck

In: Proceedings of the 26th XBRL International Conference. International XBRL Conference (XBRL-26), April 16-18, Dublin, Ireland, XBRL International, 2013.


We describe work carried out in the European projects MONNET and TrendMiner which deal in part with the extraction of company data from stock exchange pages and machine-readable financial reporting documents (XBRL) and its representation in a semantic repository on which inferences and queries are carried out. The special focus of this paper lies on the construction of the xEBR ontology that we have constructed from the latest xEBR taxonomy (version 7), using the Semantic Web knowledge representation language OWL, a member of the Description Logic Family. We describe our design decisions why the underlying structure of the ontology should be regarded as a partonomy and not as a subtype hierarchy. We also present showcases highlighting the benefits of bringing xEBR reports and company snapshots together, using semantic technologies.


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