Autonomous Path Tracking Steering Controller for EO Smart Connecting Car

Mohammed Ahmed; Mehmed Yüksel

In: Proceeding of the World Congress on Multimedia and Computer Science 2013. International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics (ICIAR-13), October 4-6, Hammamet, Tunisia, Pages 45-50, ISBN 978-9938-9511-6-5, IEEE, 10/2013.


Within this paper, we reconsider the path-following problem with the objective to synthesize a control law which allows the prototype electric vehicle EO smart connecting car 2 to autonomously follow a desired path in a stable manner. Furthermore, the software architecture controlling the car and all its subsystems is depicted. A hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) framework that can provide an effective platform for developing and testing different subsystems of the vehicle in real-time is described and the general workflow is outlined. The performance of the designed controller is discussed and demonstrated with realistic simulations. An experiment with the HIL framework interfaced to the car is presented, conclusions and an outlook of future work are also given.

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