How to Identify and Design Successful Business Process Models: An Inductive Method

Jürgen Walter; Peter Fettke; Peter Loos

In: Jörg Becker; Martin Matzner (Hrsg.). Promoting Business Process Management Excellence in Russia - Proceedings and Report of the PropelleR 2012 Workshop. Innovation Forum PropelleR (PropelleR-2012), April 24-26, Moscow, Russian Federation, Pages 89-96, Working Papers, European Research Center for Information Systems, Vol. 15, European Research Center for Information Systems, Münster, 2/2013.


Although a variety of enterprise models has been documented in model databases, many of the known reference models were developed based on individual enterprise models. The predominant method for developing reference models is based on a deductive development strategy. In contrast, in this paper an inductive method for reference modelling is presented. The main idea of this method consists of seven phases and uses a graph-based approach for identifying structurally analogous parts of models within a repository of individual enterprise models. Furthermore, an illustration of a corresponding software tool and a sample application scenario is presented.

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