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Artimate: an articulatory animation framework for audiovisual speech synthesis

Ingmar Steiner; Slim Ouni
In: John Kane; João Cabral (Hrsg.). ISCA Workshop on Innovation and Applications in Speech Technology (IAST). Workshop on Innovation and Applications in Speech Technology (IAST-12), March 9-10, Dublin, Ireland, Pages 57-60, Online, 3/2012.


We present a modular framework for articulatory animation synthesis using speech motion capture data obtained with electromagnetic articulography (EMA). Adapting a skeletal animation approach, the articulatory motion data is applied to a three-dimensional (3D) model of the vocal tract, creating a portable resource that can be integrated in an audiovisual (AV) speech synthesis platform to provide realistic animation of the tongue and teeth for a virtual character. The framework also provides an interface to articulatory animation synthesis, as well as an example application to illustrate its use with a 3D game engine. We rely on cross-platform, open-source software and open standards to provide a lightweight, accessible, and portable workflow.

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