The Magnetic Resonance Imaging subset of the mngu0 articulatory corpus

Ingmar Steiner; Korin Richmond; Ian Marshall; Calum D. Gray

In: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), Vol. 131, No. 2, Pages 106-111, ASA, 2/2012.


This paper announces the availability of the magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) subset of the mngu0 corpus, a collection of articulatory speech data from one speaker containing different modalities. This subset comprises volumetric MRI scans of the speaker’s vocal tract during sustained production of vowels and consonants, as well as dynamic mid-sagittal scans of repetitive consonant–vowel (CV) syllable production. For reference, high-quality acoustic recordings of the speech material are also available. The raw data are made freely available for research purposes.

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