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automotiveHMI – Model-Based In-Vehicle Infotainment Description as a Stepping Stone for the Integration of Car and Web

Gerrit Meixner; Marius Orfgen; Moritz Kümmerling
In: W3C Web and Automotive Workhop (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the W3C Web and Automotive Workhop. Web and Automotive, November 14-15, Rome, Italy, W3C, 2012.


Different studies show (e.g., [1]) that over 80% of today’s innovations in the automotive industry are based on car electronics and its software. These innovations can be categorized into hidden technologies (e.g., ASP, ESP), comfort functions (e.g., navigation, communication, entertainment) or driver assistance (e.g., distance checking). Especially the last two categories have to be configurable by the driver and therefore require a certain amount of driver interaction. This results in a need for a modern and consistent human-machine-interface (HMI) which on one hand allows the configuration of these systems but which on the other hand conforms to the specialized requirements of the automotive industry.