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An Automatic Configuration Approach for Agricultural Machinery based on User and Activity Profiles

Christian Stahl; Moritz Kümmerling; Shah Rukh Humayoun; Dominic Gorecky
In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium. International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium (CVT-14), March 11-13, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Shaker Verlag, 2014.


The rising amount of comfort, driver assistant, personalization, info-tainment and connectivity features in modern vehicles is of high value for the driving experience. Unfortunately, most of these features require substantial manual adjustments of settings. Being familiar with the handling, a driver is most probably willing to pass time on the adjustment of his personal vehicle. However, most drivers will be irritated when someone changes their preferred settings. Taking into consideration that sharing a vehicle with other people is a new context of use gaining in importance, scenarios in which a car providing numerous adjustable features is shared by many people with different likings and preferences call for a rethink of established ways of human-vehicle interac-tion. The paper briefly describes a recently developed solution how to automat-ically adjust typical features of personal cars based on individual driver profiles. Since the number of adjustable functions and features in agricultural machinery like tractors surpasses the complexity of even modern premium cars, a similar solution would be of value also for the agricultural machinery. Hence, the paper describes how the concept for automatic feature adjustment can be applied to the domain of agricultural machinery. Therefore the paper summarizes domain-specific requirements and discusses, if agricultural machinery rather requires application-oriented than user-oriented profiles or a combination of both. Fur-thermore, the paper analyses which settings can and which cannot be automati-cally adjusted.