Recommendations for Impact Analysis of Model Transformations

Dima Panfilenko; Andreas Emrich; Christian Meyer; Peter Loos

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems 2014. International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS-14), April 27-30, Lisbon, Portugal, INSTICC, 4/2014.


Model transformations are the core component of MDA. They make it possible to transform models between different levels of abstraction, which allows the implicit in-built knowledge to be passed on from domain experts to the IT professionals. What is not considered by the OMG, are the consequences that changes at each level cause to the other MDA levels, which could be estimated through impact analysis techniques. For example, if the course of a procurement process in a company is to be changed, this would be performed by the proper experts at the technical level. However, it is difficult at this time to estimate the resulting changes at the following adjacent levels. This shortcoming needs to be addressed and proper recommendation support for the impact analysis of model transformations has to be elaborated.

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