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Model Transformation Recommendations for Service-Oriented Architectures

Dima Panfilenko; Katsiaryna Hrom; Brian Elvesaeter; Einar Landre
In: Proceedings of the15th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS-2013), 15th, July 4-7, Angers, France, Pages 248-256, ICEIS 2013 - Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, ISBN 978-989-8565-59-4, SCITEPRESS, Angers Loire Valley, 7/2013.


Services for service-oriented architectures can be modeled in different ways, including well-known existing OMG standard SoaML and an IBM methodology SOMA. Involving domain expert stakeholders in the system specification and development process plays an important role and is often inevitably combined with model transformations between different levels of abstraction. Recommendations for those supporting users during the modeling process along the chosen methodology can aid the development performance and thus reduce model transformation efforts. This paper shows how bidirectional consistent service model transformations between OMG MDA’s CIM and PIM levels can be enhanced through recommendations and which obstacles on the way to a comprehensive framework for model-driven development are still to overcome.


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