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SmartSenior’s Interactive Trainer - Development of an Interactive System for a Home-Based Fall-Prevention Training for Elderly People

Michael John; Stefan Klose; Gerd Kock; Michael Jendreck; Richard Feichtinger; Ben Hennig; Norbert Reithinger; Jörn Kiselev; Mehmet Gövercin; Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen; Stefan Kausch; Marco Polak; Boris Irmscher
In: Reiner Wichert; Birgid Eberhardt (Hrsg.). Ambient Assisted Living. Advanced Technologies and Societal Change, January 24-25, Berlin, Germany, Pages 305-216, ISBN 978-3-642-27491-6, Springer, 2012.


n this article we picture the process of development for an interactive training system for the prevention of falls for older people in the project SmartSenior. Initially, we will depict the medical background of falls, which is the basis of the user-centered design of our device. Following a thoroughly evaluation of evidenced-based therapeutic strategies and a detailed requirement analysis, an interdisciplinary team consisting of physical therapists, medical practitioners and system engineers developed a technical architecture to enable older people to train their individual functional deficits via a home based telemedical infrastructure. Furthermore, we describe the sensor technology, feedback system used for motivation and correction of the trainee and the security model for the transmission of movement data to an assisting physical therapist.