Investigating the effects of posture and noise on speech production

Ingmar Steiner; Peter Knopp; Sebastian Musche; Astrid Schmiedel; Angelika Braun; Slim Ouni

In: 10th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP). International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP-14), May 5-8, Cologne, Germany, Pages 417-420, Universität Köln, 2014.


In recent years, speech production research has benefitted greatly from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Two prob- lem areas can be identified in conjunction with MRI, however: (a) subjects are typically recorded in supine posture and (b) they have to produce speech in noise. This paper investigates both of these issues by comparing articulatory behavior in upright and supine posture, with and without noise. The production data are recorded using electromagnetic articulography (EMA) and ultrasound tongue imaging (UTI) simultaneously. Preliminary analysis of the EMA data suggests that speakers are affected by posture, noise, and the combination of both in different ways, and use different strategies in compensating for these effects.

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