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Improved Contour-Based Corner Detection for Architectural Floor Plans

Max Feltes; Sheraz Ahmed; Andreas Dengel; Marcus Liwicki
In: Graphics Recognition. Current Trends and Challenges (Hrsg.). GREC. IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC-13), Springer, 2013.


A new rotation invariant corner detection method for architectural line drawing images is proposed in this paper. The proposed method is capable of finding corners of objects in line drawing images by filtering out unnecessary points without changing the overall structure. Especially, in case of diagonal lines and corners, our method is capable of removing repetitive points. The proposed method is applied to corner detection of walls in floor plans which in turn are used for detection of wall edges. To evaluate the effectiveness of detected corners, gap closing and wall edge detection is performed on a publicly available dataset of 90 floor plans, where we achieved a recognition and detection accuracy of 95 %.