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ForgetIT Deliverable D9.3: Use Cases & Mock-up Development

Heiko Maus; Sven Schwarz; Bahaa Eldesouky; Christian Jilek; Maria Wolters; Berker Loğoğlu
Deliverable, ForgetIT consortium, ForgetIT Deliverables, Vol. D9.2, 2/2015.


This deliverable documents the emphPersonal Preservation Pilot I which is an outcome of ForgetIT's application scenario in work package WP9. The pilot implements personal preservation in a personal desktop setting based on the Semantic Desktop approach. It contributes to realize the ForgetIT goals of managed forgetting, contextual remembering, and synergetic preservation as well as takes advantages of ForgetIT's innovative methodological approach for information systems in the Semantic Desktop itself. This deliverable gives an overview of the components of the pilot and is accompanied by a more detailed web-based documentation with explanatory text and examples such as videos of the pilot components. The pilot is deployed in the ForgetIT testbed environment as a running system connected to the ForgetIT Preserve-or-Forget (PoF) Middleware and ultimately also to the preservation system. With the pilot, the personal preservation application scenario is realized by connecting to the PoF Framework as well as using components from the technical work packages to realize the pilot's functionality. Most notably, these are memory buoyancy calculation and initial preservation policy (from WP3), semantic writing editor (from WP4), contextualization and condensation (from WP6), interfacing with preservation workflows and functionality (from WP5 and WP7), and PoF Middleware interaction (from WP8). Furthermore, we introduce another application which supports users in the selection process for preserving photos without the requirement of an existing Semantic Desktop which is realized in close cooperation with WP3. This deliverable also includes intermediate results of an evaluation of the long-term usage of the Semantic Desktop prototype by a group of 4 students. The students used the Semantic Desktop for their daily life. The evaluation is done in cooperation with WP2.


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