Process Orchestration with modular Software Applications on intelligent Field Devices

Marius Orfgen; Mathias Schmitt

In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Education. International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Education (MSE), 7th, June 3-6, Sibiu, Romania, Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, 2015.


The method developed by the DFKI-IFS for extending the functionality of intelligent field devices through the use of reloadable software applications (so-called Apps) is to be further augmented with a methodology and communication concept for process orchestration. The concept allows individual Apps from different manufacturers to decentrally share information. This way of communicating forms the basis for the dynamic orchestration of Apps to complete processes, in that it allows the actions of one App (e.g. detecting a component part with a sensor App) to trigger reactions in other Apps (e.g. triggering the processing of that component part). A holistic methodology and its implementation as a configuration tool allows one to model the information flow between Apps, as well as automatically introduce it into physical production hardware via available interfaces provided by the Field Device Middleware. Consequently, configuring industrial facilities is made simpler, resulting in shorter changeover and shutdown times.

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