Health consumer-oriented information retrieval

Vincent Claveau; Thierry Hamon; Sébastien Le Maguer; Natalia Grabar

In: Proceedings of MIE. Medical Informatics Europe Congress (MIE), May 27-29, Madrid, Spain, IOS Press. 4/2015.


While patients can freely access their Electronic Health Records or online health information, they may not be able to correctly understand the content of these documents. One of the challenges is related to the difference between expert and non-expert languages. We propose to investigate this issue within the Information Retrieval field. The patient queries have to be associated with the corresponding expert documents, that provide trustworthy information. Our approach relies on a state-of-the-art IR system called Indri and on semantic resources. Different query expansion strategies are explored. Our system shows up to 0.6740 P@10, up to 0.7610 R@10, and up to 0.6793 NDCG@10.

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