Real Time Workload Monitoring for WLAN

Christoph Fischer; Jörg Schneider; Hans D. Schotten

In: Peter Roer; Ralf Tönjes; Clemens Westerkamp (Hrsg.). Mobilkommunikation Technologien und Anwendungen. ITG-Fachtagung (ITG-21), May 11-12, Osnabrück, Germany, Pages 69-73, ISBN 978-3-8007-4220-2, VDE, 5/2016.


Due to the strong increasing number of wireless mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets, a tremendous growth for mobile data traffic can be recognized. Furthermore, users claim to be always online with high datarates. This results in increasing performance demands for mobile networks. Especially in 5G, the discussion of multi-Radio Access Technologies (multi-RAT) for heterogeneous networks (Het-Net) deployments has become important. This includes offloading to available Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks which acts as pico base stations. To ensure an efficient sharing procedure, algorithms to detect free resources need to be developed. Since a new industrial revolution is in progress, which has a great demand on flexible production systems, wireless networks meet new challenges in the industrial environment with regard to their real time abilities and robustness. We developed a method which offers a WLAN the opportunity to measure its own workload in real time. In this paper we present our simulation results and the advantages made by our development.


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