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Open semantic meta-model as a cornerstone for the design, engineering and management of CPS-based Factories

Stephan Weyer; Torben Meyer
In: Conference Proceedings 2016. AutomationML User Conference (AutomationML-2016), Road to Industrie 4.0: AutomationML as Digital Enabler, October 18-19, Esslingen, Germany, AutomationML e. V. Magdeburg, 10/2016.


The following talk and paper yields a contribution to future factories based on a current European project called MAYA. It’s funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Together with industry such as Siemens PLM, ~ CT and Volkswagen as well as several R&D institutions the project aims at developing simulation methodologies and multidisciplinary tools for the design, engineering and management of CPS-based Factories, in order to strategically support production‐related activities during all the phases of the factory lifecycle. The project pursues the following, high-level objectives: Along the factory lifecycle, the physical and digital factory coexist and are seamlessly synchronized. Data and models generated in each phase are enriched and smoothly used as needed by multidisciplinary simulation tools. MAYA will support this digital continuity by developing a standardized, open semantic meta-model capable to fully describe the properties and functional characteristics of the CPS simulations models. It will be able to provide a cross‐tool representation of the different specific simulation models defining both static and behavioral information. The semantic meta-model will build upon existing open exchange data formats and information models and set up a fundamental structure for a digital description of CPS for technology provider (device vendors) and its later use by different stakeholders. AutomationML will be an important base and enabler for that. It finds complete validation in one of the most competitive, advanced and complex industrial sector in Europe, the automotive at Volkswagen.