Two-Level Grids for Ray Tracing on GPUs

Javor Kalojanov; Markus Billeter; Philipp Slusallek

In: Oliver Deussen; Min Chen (Hrsg.). EG 2011 - Full Papers. Eurographics (EG-11), April 11-15, Llandudno, United Kingdom, Pages 307-314, Eurographics Association, 2011.


We investigate the use of two-level nested grids as acceleration structure for ray tracing of dynamic scenes. We propose a massively parallel, sort-based construction algorithm and show that the two-level grid is one of the structures that is fastest to construct on modern graphics processors. The structure handles non-uniform primitive distributions more robustly than the uniform grid and its traversal performance is comparable to those of other high quality acceleration structures used for dynamic scenes. We propose a cost model to determine the grid resolution and improve SIMD utilization during ray-triangle intersection by employing a hybrid packetization strategy. The build times and ray traversal acceleration provide overall rendering performance superior to previous approaches for real time rendering of animated scenes on GPUs.

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