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Guiding Students to the Right Questions: Adaptive Navigation Support in an E-learning System for Java Programming.

I-H. Hsiao; Sergey Sosnovsky; P. Brusilovsky
In: Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Vol. 26, No. 4, Pages 270-283, Wiley Inc. 7/2010.


Rapid growth of the volume of interactive questions available to the students of modern E-Learning courses placed the problem of personalized guidance on the agenda of E-Learning researchers. Without proper guidance, students frequently select too simple or too complicated problems and ended either bored or discouraged. This paper explores a specific personalized guidance technology known as adaptive navigation support. We developed JavaGuide, a system, which guides students to appropriate questions in a Java programming course, and investigated the effect of personalized guidance a three-semester long classroom study. The results of this study confirm the educational and motivational effects of adaptive navigation support.