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Utilization of expert online retrieval tools: an exploration of barriers and added values.

Christoph Igel; Roberta Sturm
In: G. Kreuzberger; A. Lunzer; R. Kaschek (Hrsg.). Interdisciplinary Advances in Adaptive and Intelligent Assistant Systems: Concepts, Techniques, Applications and Use. Chapter 7, Pages 153-176, Hershey Idea Group, New York, NY, USA, 2010.


This chapter focuses on analysing system utilisation patterns, in connection with the use of the “Movement and Training” knowledge management system. Developed with the aim of supporting teaching courses at university level, or more precisely their preparation, realisation and follow-up, this web-based system is free of charge and has been available to a general educational audience since 2005. The authors present an analytic approach, which, in the first instance and from the user’s perspective, illustrates whether the intended utility and added values for instructors and learners have been achieved. A further intention was to identify any potential barriers that would obstruct utilisation of the system. In combination with basic theoretical principles and empirical findings relating to knowledge management, the authors derive implications for modifying the system with the aim of facilitating its future use.