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Gap Detection in Web-based Adaptive Educational Systems

D. Jednoralski; Erica Melis; Sergey Sosnovsky; Carsten Ullrich
In: o.A. (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Web-based Learning. International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL), December 8-10, Shanghai, China, Pages 111-120, Vol. 6483, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg, 2010.


Content development for adaptive educational systems is known to be an error-prone task. Gaps can occur when the content is cre- ated, modified or when the context of its usage changes. This paper aims at improving the existing practises of learning content quality control in adaptive educational systems by automating detection and manage- ment of gaps. Several categories of gaps are identified to account for structural, linguistic, and semantic content inconsistencies in learning content collections. An effective filtering mechanism have been imple- mented in order to slice the collected gap data into categories that are relevant for the current authoring context. Evaluation of the developed tool demonstrates its utility.