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How can students learn to argue from computer-based systems? A survey of teachers, researchers, and system developers.

F. Loll; Oliver. Scheuer; Bruce M. McLaren; N. Pinkwart
In: M. Wolpers; P. A. Kirschner; M. Scheffel; S. Lindstaedt; V. Dimitrova (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Sustaining TEL: From Innovation to Learning and Practice. European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL-2010), Barcelona, Spain, Pages 530-535, Spriger, Heidelberg-Berlin, 2010.


Argumentation is omnipresent in our lives and therefore an important skill to learn. While classic face-to-face argumentation and debate has advantages in helping people learn to argue better, it does not scale up, limited by teacher time and availability. Computer-supported argumentation (CSA) is a viable alternative in learning to argue, currently increasing in popularity. In this paper, we present results from a survey we conducted with experts on argumentation learning systems, one which provides a glimpse on future directions.