Learning to argue using computers; A view from teachers, researchers, and system developers.

F. Loll; Oliver Scheuer; Bruce M. McLaren; N. Pinkwart

In: V. Aleven; J. Kay; J. Mostow (Hrsg.). Lecture Notes in Computer Science,. International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS-10), Pages 377-379, Springer, Berlin, 2010.


The ability to argue is essential in many aspects of life, but traditional face-to-face tutoring approaches do not scale up well A solution for this dilemma may be computer-supported argumentation (CSA) The evaluation of CSA approaches in different domains has led to mixed results To gain insights into the challenges and future prospects of CSA we conducted a survey among teachers, researchers, and system developers Our investigation points to optimism regarding the potential success and importance of CSA.

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