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Longitudinal User Experience of a Mobile Service

Stefan Schaffer; Rene Kelpin; Norbert Reithinger
In: PQS 2016 5th ISCA/DEGA Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems. Perceptual Quality of Systems, Pages 132-136, ISCA archive, 2016.


In this paper we examine influencing factors and changes of perceived longitudinal user experience. An implemented mobility app for Berlin was tested in a three month field trial. The app of- fers unique features for bicyclists and integrates a gamification concept. The study consisted of three game phases. Each phase was completed by a demographic and a user experience questionnaire. Possible differences resulting from differing gamification incentives between acquired participants and voluntary participants could not be found. Further, general changes in subjective long-term user experience could not be detected. The results reveal several significant effects of age, gender, and specific user groups on pragmatic quality, attractiveness, and hedonic qualities.


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