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Intelligent virtual reality tutoring for child pedestrians

Yecheng Gu; Carsten Ullrich
In: Mickaël Roy; Meryl Kusyk; Gérald Schlemminger; Dominique Bechmann (Hrsg.). Digital Environments and Foreign Language Interaction: Formal and Informal Learning in Real and Virtual Worlds. Pages 235-250, Vol. 12, ISBN 978-3-0343-2028-3, Peter Lang, Bern, 2016.


This article describes a novel approach for practical child pedestrian training. Instead of exposing children to the dangers and limitations of real roadside training, this approach utilizes an intelligent, Virtual Reality (VR) based training system called SafeChild. It provides a realistic open-ended training environment in which children can practice traffic safety exercises. We describes notable features of the system, such as support for different interface setups, interchangeable environments and the use of an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), as well as preliminary findings.