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Johannes Behr; Roland Blach; Ulrich Bockholt; Andreas Harth; Hilko Hoffmann; Manuel Huber; Tobias Käfer; Felix Leif Keppmann; Frieder Pankratz; Dmitri Rubinstein; René Schubotz; Christian Vogelgesang; Gerrit Voss; Philipp Westner; Konrad Zürl
In: Werner Schreiber; Konrad Zürl; Peter Zimmermann. Web-basierte Anwendungen Virtueller Techniken. Pages 117-191, ISBN 9783662529553 9783662529560, Springer Vieweg, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2017.


The ARVIDA reference architecture is a central result of the ARVDIA project. With the help of well-established web technologies and concepts the reference architecture enables heterogeneous VT systems to become platform independent applications. The reference architecture uses and adopts the principle of RESTful web services and the associated Linked-Data concepts to build interoperable, extensible and modular VT applications. This chapter describes the basic principles and the specific extensions in detail.


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