The Potential of the Internet of Things for Supporting Learning and Training in the Digital Age

Milos Kravcik; Carsten Ullrich; Christoph Igel

In: Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia; Gabriel Wittum; Andreas Dengel (Hrsg.). Positive Learning in the Age of Information - A blessing or a curse?. Pages 399-412, ISBN 978-3-658-19566-3, Springer VS, Wiesbaden, 1/2018.


The rapid progress in the development of information and communication technologies opens new opportunities in education, which go hand in hand with new risks that may be difficult to foresee. Our aim here is to focus mainly on the Internet of Things and related technologies, in order to investigate how they can improve this field. We claim a proper analysis and interpretation of the big educational data can enable more precise personalization and adaptation of learning and training experiences, in order to make them more effective, efficient and attractive. Nevertheless, it will require new approaches to implement novel tools and services for more effective knowledge acquisition, deeper learning and skill training, which can take place in authentic settings and stimulate motivation of learners.

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