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Digital object memory based monitoring solutions in manufacturing processes

Tanel Aruväli; Wolfgang Maaß; Tauno Otto
In: Procedia Engineering, Vol. 69, Pages 449-458, Elsevier, 2014.


Manufacturing processes monitoring is more than conventional machinery monitoring, it covers also a part quality monitoring and manual working processes monitoring. To explain it, a novel Digital Object Memory (DOMe) based model in automated surface roughness monitoring and data storage in turning is proposed. The model allows automated interaction between workpiece (WP) and machine tool using RFID based smart environment. As a result, WP on-board g-code for turning and machine tool based real time cutting signals are combined into algorithm to measure indirect surface roughness of WP. Moreover, surface roughness value for every cut can be stored on-board of WP to detect the WP history and quality all over the product life cycle. Also framework for DOMe based hand work station monitoring and assistance system is proposed. Smart environment creates compatibility between parts and products on working area to double check workers attentions and to give assistance to workers for avoiding mistakes.

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