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Tip'n Tell: Product-Centered Mobile Reasoning Support for Tangible Shopping

Wolfgang Maaß; Andreas Filler
In: Proceedings of MSWFB 2007: Making Semantics Work For Business. European Semantic Technology Conference, July 1, Vienna, Austria, Springer, 2007.


Smart products are hybrids that merge tangible products with mobile information technologies. This opens up unprecedented opportunities for product designers and marketing manager for implementing adaptive and situation-aware product interfaces that generate dynamic communication behavior with customers during the whole life-cycle of a product. The realization of this vision requires, beside others, expressive and machinereadable product representations and an open product information infrastructure. With Tip ‘n Tell we present an architecture that supports smart products. Product information is represented by a coherent container model, called SPDO that uses semantically annotated descriptions in OWL-DL format. Based on these elements we demonstrate services that allow finding multimedia content that fits to a product in focus based on a combination of DL-reasoning and RDF-based rule derivations. Product similarity and compatibility is also determined by DL-reasoning on feature level.