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CBR and PLM applied to diagnosis and technical support during problem solving in the continuous improvement process of manufacturing plants

Alvaro Camarillo; José Ríos; Klaus-Dieter Althoff
In: Procedia Manufacturing 13. Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference (MESIC-2017), June 28-30, Vigo (Pontrevedra), Spain, Pages 987-994, Vol. 13, Elsevier, 2017.


Currently many multinational companies have manufacturing plants with similar processes, but they suffer from barriers to share knowledge. Knowledge Management (KM) techniques may help to capture and reuse knowledge generated during processes execution. Literature shows Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) as a technique for implementing KM, and Product Lifecycle Management Systems (PLM) as the main data repository of Product-Processes-Resources data. This paper proposes a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) approach to facilitate the capture and reuse of knowledge, integrating CBR and PLM technologies. It aims supporting production technicians during the resolution of manufacturing daily problems directly at shop floor level.

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