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Decision Support for Case-Based Applications

Klaus-Dieter Althoff; Brigitte Bartsch-Spörl
In: Dieter Ehrenberg (Hrsg.). Wirtschaftsinformatik, Vol. 38 "Fallbasierte Entscheidungsunterstützung", No. 1, Pages 8-16, Springer, 1996.


This paper aims at helping to decide whether case-based reasoning (CBR) is an appropriate problem-solving approach for particular business application needs. It starts with a short introduction to case-based reasoning. In its main part, the paper deals with criteria that have to be fulfilled by application domains that are appropriate for being tackled by a CBR approach. For this purpose, we present a structured list of decisive questions and interpret the consequences of possible answers to these questions. Finally, we give an outlook to further work in the direction of making CBR approaches even more user-friendly for non-expert users.

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