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ECA2LD: Generating Linked Data from Entity-Component-Attribute runtimes

Torsten Spieldenner; René Schubotz; Michael Guldner
In: Proceedings of the 2018 Global Internet of Things Summit. Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS-2018), June 4-7, Bilbao, Spain, IEEE Communications Society, New York, USA, 2018.


Large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) applications, like Smart Cities, are ever changing pieces of software. The paradigm of Entity-Component-Attribute (ECA) based soft- ware design is well-suited to keep these applications changeable and maintainable. At the same time, W3C working groups propose the Web as IoT convergence platform. Semantic annotations on the data in RDF help tackle cross-domain inter- operability issues. While the generation of RDF data from data storage layers has undergone thorough research, the automatic exposure of application run-time data is to this day incomplete. We for this formalize the Entity-Component-Attribute pattern and present an automated mapping to a structure compliant with the Linked Data Platform W3C standard. This structural mapping is then augmented by application domain specific semantics. The result lifts a software design pattern highly suitable for large-scale IoT applications to Linked Data.