Towards seamless multimodal pay-as-you-go mobility

Stéphane Péan; Stefan Schaffer; Jean-Marie Alexandre; Antonio Filograna; Fabien Sauthier; Lorenzo Modena

In: ITS World Congress. ITS World Congress (ITS-2018), September 17-21, Copenhagen, Denmark, tbd, 2018.


Pay-as-you-go solutions for seamless multimodal mobility can still only rarely be found, as numerous issues have to be solved in order to integrate necessary technologies as well as to setup needed public–private partnerships. In this paper, we present Easy2Go, a solution developed and tested during the year 2018 with the support of EIT Digital, the leading European open-innovation and go-to-market organisation. Easy2Go provides a seamless multimodal mobility experience to the commuter through a pay-as-you-go app. We describe the underlying technological concepts as well as the resulting high-level architecture of the overall system. Building on a traffic mode detection module, the user only needs to check-in; be-out and best price billing at the end of the day are performed automatically. The system provides a seamless mobility and changes mobility for commuters. About cities authorities, Easy2Go collects data for a better understanding of mobility and manages data to optimise city infrastructures. In the long term, the impact of Easy2Go on the society should extend to having a less congested city space with a higher quality of life for the citizens.

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