Google Now is for the Extraverted, Cortana for the Introverted: Investigating the Influence of Personality on IPA Preference

Patrick Ehrenbrink; Seif Osman; Sebastian Möller

In: Proceedings of the 29th Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (OzCHI-2017), November 28 - December 1, Brisbane, Australia, Pages 257-265, ISBN 978-1-4503-5379-3, ACM, New York, NY, 2017.


Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs) have become a mainstream product and often show a high level of variance in terms of their interaction philosophy. For example, Google's Now has no personality at all, whereas personality plays a strong part in the advertisement of Apple's Siri. We have assessed the personality profile of users and their preference for either Apple's Siri, Google's Now or Microsoft's Cortana, based on attractiveness and psychological state reactance. Analysis revealed how the preference for an IPA depends on a person's character traits. Preferences of individual traits are discussed and average profiles for devotees of different IPAs are given. The results can be used to recommend IPAs specifically to a users' personality profile. The work concludes with a number of recommendations for the design of IPAs to address specific personality traits of users.1

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