Crowdsourcing Versus the Laboratory: Towards Human-Centered Experiments Using the Crowd

Ujwal Gadiraju; Sebastian Möller; Martin Nöllenburg; Dietmar Saupe; Sebastian Egger-Lampl; Daniel Archambault; Brian Fisher

In: Daniel Archambault; Helen Purchase; Tobias Hoßfeld (Hrsg.). Evaluation in the Crowd. Crowdsourcing and Human-Centered Experiments: Dagstuhl Seminar 15481, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, November 22 -- 27, 2015, Revised Contributions. Chapter 2, Pages 6-26, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ISBN 978-3-319-66435-4, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2017.


Crowdsourcing solutions are increasingly being adopted across a variety of domains these days. An important consequence of the flourishing crowdsourcing markets is that experiments which were traditionally carried out in laboratories on a much smaller scale can now tap into the immense potential of online labor. Researchers in different fields have shown considerable interest in attempting to carry out priorly constrained lab experiments in the crowd. In this chapter, we reflect on the key factors to consider while transitioning from controlled laboratory experiments to large scale experiments in the crowd.

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