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Collaborative Multi-Expert-Systems - Realizing Knowledge-Lines with Case Factories and Distributed Learning Systems

Klaus-Dieter Althoff; Kerstin Bach; Jan-Oliver Deutsch; Alexandre Hanft; Jens Mänz; Thomas Müller; Régis Newo; Meike Reichle; Martin Schaaf; Karl-Heinz Weis
In: Joachim Baumeister; Dietmar Seipel (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering. Workshop on Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering (KESE-2007), located at 30th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-2007), September 10, Osnabrück, Germany, Vol. 282, CEUR, 9/2007.


We describe a new research effort for developing knowledge-based systems using a combination of methods from Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence: software product-lines, experience factory, case-based reasoning, multi-agent-systems, and semantic web technology. We motivate our approach, shortly describe three different application scenarios, and provide our current ideas of how to implement our approach, which we call “collaborative multi-expert-systems” (CoMES).

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