Closing the RISC-V Compliance Gap: Looking from the Negative Testing Side

Vladimir Herdt, Daniel Große, Rolf Drechsler

In: 57th Design Automation Conference. Design Automation Conference (DAC-2020) July 19-23 San Francisco United States 2020.


Compliance testing for RISC-V is very important.Therefore, an official hand-written compliance test-suite is beingactively developed. However, besides requiring significant manualeffort, it focuses on positive testing (the implemented instructionswork as expected) only and neglects negative testing (considerillegal instructions to also ensure that no additional/unexpectedbehavior is accidentally added). This leaves a large gap in compli-ance testing.In this paper we propose a fuzzing-based test-suite generationapproach to close this gap. We found new bugs in several RISC-Vsimulators includingriscvOVPsimfrom Imperas which is the officialreference simulator for compliance testing.


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