Towards an Extension of the Linking of the Open Dutch WordNet with Dutch Lexicographic Resources

Thierry Declerck

In: Ilan Kernerman , Simon Krek , John P. McCrae , Jorge Gracia , Sina Ahmadi , Besim Kabashi (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 2020 Globalex Workshop on Linked Lexicography. GLOBALEX (GLOBALEX-2020) befindet sich 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference May 12-12 Marseille France Seiten 33-35 ISBN 979-10-95546-46-7 ELRA Paris 5/2020.


This extended abstract presents ongoing work consisting in interlinking and merging the Open Dutch WordNet and generic lexicographic resources for Dutch, focusing for now on the Dutch and English versions of Wiktionary and using the Algemeen Nederlands Woordenboek as a quality checking instance. As the Open Dutch WordNet is already equipped with a relevant number of complex lexical units, we are aiming at expanding it and proposing a new representational framework for the encoding of the interlinked and integrated data. The longer term goal of the work is to investigate if and on how senses can be restricted to particular morphological variations of Dutch lexical entries, and how to represent this information in a Linguistic Linked Open Data compliant format.


2020.globalex-1.5_abstract.pdf (pdf, 135 KB )

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