Engineering of data-driven Service Systems for Smart Living: Application and Challenges

Henrik Kortum, Laura Gravemeier, Novica Zarvic, Thomas Feld, Oliver Thomas

In: Bojan Lalic , Vidosav Majstorovic , Ugljesa Marjanovic , Gregor von Cieminski , David Romero (Hrsg.). Advances in Production Management Systems. Towards Smart and Digital Manufacturing. IFIP Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS-2020) Advances in Production Management Systems. Towards Smart and Digital Manufacturing August 30-September 3 Novi Sad Serbia Springer 2020.


Service systems in the smart living domain integrate a multitude of heterogenous data sources and affect the most private area of human lives. Therefore, particular challenges for service systems engineering arise in terms of interoperability of Internet-of-Things (IoT)-devices, privacy concerns and creating truly smart value propositions. By applying a promising approach, this paper examines smart service systems engineering and reveals the potential for extensions and adaptations of existing methods. A need for the integration of data science and software engineering approaches as well as a focus on acceptance, usability and the business perspective within a holistic smart service systems engineering method is discussed. This enables smart service systems to reconcile their human-centered and data-driven qualities.


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