Towards a Case-Based Decision Support System for Recruiting Processes using T-Shapes

Jakob Michael Schönborn, Pascal Reuß, Carsten Wenzel, Klaus-Dieter Althoff

In: Judith Michael , Dominik Bork , Ulrich Reimer , Peter Fettke , Marina Tropmann-Frick (Hrsg.). Modellierung 2020 Short, Workshop and Tools & Demo Papers. Workshop Models in Artificial Intelligence befindet sich Modellierung 2020 February 19-21 Vienna Austria Seiten 165-171 2542 CEUR 2020.


Modeling the individual set of skills a person possesses is a difficult task. However, most people seek to find a job that suits them best, despite being unaware of which skills she inherits and what defines herself as a person. Recruiters are knowledgeable in terms of extracting these information by an informal phone call or when carrying out an assessment center. However, we suggest to set a step beforehand and provide a case-based decision support system by using T-Shapes as a model for matching personal skills with job requirements. We provide a first overview on how to structure and model the four knowledge containers of case-based reasoning and how we use these knowledge containers to obtain the most similar T-Shape (situation). This T-Shape can then be reused by the recruiter, providing her with all necessary information at a first glance.

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