Multi-modal Interaction with Mobile Navigation Systems

Rainer Wasinger, Antonio Krüger

In: Special Journal Issue Conversational User Interfaces, it - Information Technology 46 6 Seiten 322-331 2004.


Navigation systems have seen significant advancements in recent years. They now exist for desktop computers, automobiles, and mobile devices. They are able to adapt to many different situational contexts and now provide a solid foundation for a wide range of location based services. Mobile multi-modal interfaces have seen similar advancements over the past few years as technologies previously designed for powerful mainframe computers are gradually swept into the reach of mobile devices. This paper describes a multi-modal user interface that has been integrated into a pedestrian navigation service called the Personal Navigator, and a closely interleaved shopping assistant called the Mobile ShopAssist. We describe the wide range of input interaction and output presentation that we believe mobile systems should provide and describe the importance for context-aware systems to adapt their user interfaces to the surrounding environment.

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