ActiveMath: A Generic and Adaptive Web-Based Learning Environment

Erica Melis, Eric Andres, Jochen Büdenbender, Adrian Frischauf, Giorgi Goguadze, Paul Libbrecht, Martin Pollet, Carsten Ullrich

In: International Journal on Artificial Intelligence in Education (IJAIED) 12 4 Seiten 385-407 2001.


ActiveMath is a generic web-based learning system that dynamically generates interactive (mathematical) courses adapted to the student's goals, preferences, capabilities, and knowledge. The content is represented in an semantic XML-based format. For each user, the appropriate content is retrieved from a knowledge base and the course is generated individually according to pedagogical rules. Then the course is presented to the user via a standard web-browser. One of the exceptional features of ActiveMath is its integration of stand-alone mathematical service systems. This offers the means for exploratory learning, realistically complex exercises as well as for learning proof methods. The article provides a comprehensive account of the current version of ActiveMath.

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