Integration of Mathematical Systems into the ActiveMath Learning Environment

Paul Libbrecht, Adrian Frischauf, Erica Melis, Martin Pollet, Carsten Ullrich

In: Paul Wang , Norbert Kajler , Angel Diaz (Hrsg.). Workshop on Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation. Workshop on Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation (IAMC-2001) befindet sich International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC'2001) July 22 University of Western Ontario ON Canada 2001.


In Saarbrücken we are developing the web-based, user-adaptive, interactive learning environment ActiveMath. Currently, its major features are user-adapted content, sequencing, and presentation, support of active and explorative learning by mathematical systems, support of teachers by information about their students, and a semantic encoding of content that is the basis for reusability. This article describes how interactive exercises and explorations connected to a mathematical system are inserted into the learning environment and how this simple connection can benefit from other modules of the system.

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