Continuous Learner Modeling in iClass

Martin Mühlenbrock, Stefan Winterstein, Eric Andres, Andreas Meier

In: Piet Kommers , Griff Richards (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications ED-MEDIA 2005. World Conference on Educational Multimedia (ED-MEDIA) Montreal 2005.


The recently launched European Integrated Project iClass is developing a learning system that takes into account the multi-cultural and multilingual characteristics of its member countries in pre-university education. For adapting the presentation of learning objects to the learners' needs, the iClass system will keep track of the students' domain knowledge. The learner modeling system consists of three components, i.e. the Tracker, the Profiler, and the Monitor, with the Tracker receiving, storing, and distributing all learning-related events and the Profiler identifying learners' preferences and cultural specifics. Finally, the Monitor creates and updates the model of the learner's knowledge based on assessment as well as continuous knowledge level monitoring. The Monitor incorporates an elaborate student model that represents mastery in terms of knowledge, comprehension, and application for each concept, which are updated from reading and problem solving activity.


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