Using Action Analysis in ActiveMath to Estimate Student Motivation

Martin Mühlenbrock, Oliver Scheuer

In: Proceedings of the 13th Annual Workshop of the SIG Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems (ABIS 2005). GI-Workshop "Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen" (ABIS) Saarbrücken Seiten 56-60 2005.


Recently, there is a growing interest in the automatic analysis of learner interaction data with web-based learning environments. The approach presented in this paper aims at helping to establish a basis for the automatic analysis of interaction data by developing a data logging and analysis system based on a standard data base server and standard machine learning techniques. The analysis system has been connected to a web-based interactive learning environment for mathematics teaching, but is designed to allow for interfacing also to other web based learning environments. The system has been used to correlate student logs from an educational technologies course with a motivation assessment.


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