DocuWorld - A 3D User Interface to the Semantic Desktop

Katja Einsfeld, Achim Ebert, Stefan Agne, Bertin Klein

In: Stefan Decker , Jack Park , Dennis Quan , Leo Sauermann (Hrsg.). Proceedings of The Semantic Desktop Workshop at the ISWC. Workshop on The Semantic Desktop - Next Generation Personal Information Management & Collaboration Infrastructure 1st befindet sich International Semantic Web Conference November 6 Galway Ireland 175 11/2005.


With the aim of replacing the 20-year-old 2-D desktop metaphor with a more natural, intuitive to use, and immersive 3-D interface, we developed a prototype application that allows the dynamic exploration of document collections. Document metadata and relations between documents are visualized with the help of information visualization techniques. The general visualization and navigation metaphor called Thought Wizard Metaphor allows user- and context-sensitive adaption of visualization modes and visualization environments. The automatic document organization modes provide different insights in document semantics and search results. These possibilities are supplemented by the possibility to store documents at user-defined, hierarchically organized locations, which allows quick relocation using spacial memory.


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