Increasing Search Quality with the Semantic Desktop in Proposal Development

Mark Siebert, Pierre Smits, Leo Sauermann, Andreas Dengel

In: Proceedings of the Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management PAKM conference. Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management conference (PAKM) Seiten 279-290 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4333/2006 Springer Berlin / Heidelberg 2006.


Quicker response times and less production costs of proposal development require further automation of sales assistant functionality in CRM environments. Automation still struggles with the handling of abstraction and the subjective character of knowledge. Based on the knowledge creation framework the paper outlines and tests the increase of search quality with Semantic Desktop technology. The discussion of peer-to-peer settings and semantic concepts illustrates the influence of individual perspectives on search quality. It reveals first potentials and benefits for process-integration, like semantic CRM and illustrates approaches to increase knowledge worker's productivity.


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