Image-Matching for Revision Detection in Printed Historical Documents

Joost van Beusekom, Faisal Shafait, Thomas Breuel

In: Pattern Recognition. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium of the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM-2007). Annual Symposium of the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM) Seiten 507-516 LNCS 4713 Springer 9/2007.


In the research area of historical documents it is of high interest to reconstruct the process of the emergence of a historical typesetted document. Therefore, the chronological order of the different versions of a typesetted document has to be reconstructed. This is done by manually finding differences in two versions and then deciding on the order between these two versions. In this paper we present an approach to automate the search for differences in both images. This approach uses a globally optimal image matching technique to overlay both images and colors the differences accordingly. We also present a real-world application for this approach on digitized versions of a historical book.

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