Using Attention and Context Information for Annotations in a Semantic Wiki

Malte Kiesel, Sven Schwarz, Ludger van Elst, Georg Buscher

In: C. Lange , S. Schaffert , H. Skaf-Molli , M. Völkel (Hrsg.). 3rd Semantic Wiki Workshop co-located with ESWC 2008. Semantic Wiki Workshop (SemWiki-2008) The Wiki Way of Semantics. 3rd Semantic Wiki Workshop befindet sich ESWC-2008 June 2 Tenerife Spain CEUR Workshop Proceedings Online 160 CEUR 6/2008.


For document-centric work, meta-information in form of an- notations has proven useful to enhance search and other retrieval tasks. Since creating annotations manually is a lot of work, it is desirable to also tap less obtrusive sources of meta-information such as the user's context (projects the user is working on, currently relevant topics, etc.) and attention information (what text passages did the user read?). The Mymory project uses the semantic wiki Kaukolu that allows stor- ing attention and context information in addition to standard semantic wiki metadata. Attention annotations are generated automatically us- ing an eyetracker. All types of annotations get enriched with contextual information gathered by a context elicitation component. In this paper, an overview of the Mymory system is presented.


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